Jim - 1st Kyu Grading

Jim - Passed 2nd Dan January 1981

Stewartry Karate Club was founded in 1977 by Sensei Jim Howard

Our Senseis

Chief Instructor/ Head Coach + Founder

Jim Howard (7th Dan)

BKF Kata Judge A - BKF Kumite Referee A

Fraser Howard (4th Dan)

SBA Referee A




The club was initially founded in Castle Douglas, Sensei Jim Howard's home town.

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Stewartry Karate

The club trains in Shotokan Karate.

They cover Traditional Techniques such as Kihon, Kata, Kumite, Sport Karate, Self Defence etc and Martial Arts Weapons: Nunchaku (Rice Frails), Bo (6' Staff), Bokken (Wooding Sword).

Stewartry Karate